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We try our very best to present the most accurate translation data, but sometimes this can be a challenge. Each language has its own set of rules and expressions. In some cases, a word might not have a clear or literal English equivalent.

We have worked with local French speakers to craft this guide, but we recognize that all humans make mistakes. You may find an occasional typo, an innacurate gender, or a simple error.

If you do spot an issue, please help out by submitting a revision:

  1. Locate Edit Mode

    Each phrase, vocab, and verb post has an Editor button near the top of the page. If you see an error or if you want to submit a new word to the list, click this button.
  2. Choose an Edit Type

    Inside Edit Mode, you can either add a new translation or edit an existing entry. Simply click a row to activate the Edit form, or click the New button to create a new translation. If you want to offer a synonym or an alternate translation, you can do so from the Edit form.
  3. Submit Your Work

    Fill out all of the necessary form fields, including your email address, and click Submit. We review each submission and add new submissions to the website each week. We'll send you an email when your entry is approved.
  4. Membership Perks!

    Anyone who submits an edit or adds new translations will be invited to create an early user account when that feature is ready.
    For now, we'll keep track of all your edits and add those stats to your profile. This process will become fully automatic when we introduce user accounts.
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